Plenty of music historians would call February 3rd, 1959 ‘the day the music died’, but for alt-rock fans, that day lies in April 1994, when Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain was found dead. Since then, fans have held on to the Foo Fighters as the next best thing to a Nirvana replacement due to the rarity of all of the band’s surviving members performing together otherwise. Well, mark yesterday’s date into your calendar, because you just missed out on one of those rare reunions.

As Stereogum report, fans at the Foo Fighters’ show in Eugene, Oregon last night were treated to a rare performance by Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who joined the group onstage for a performance of the Foo Fighters hit ‘Big Me’.

Novoselic, who was Nirvana’s bassist throughout the entirety of their existence, has not led quite the star-studded lifestyle that Dave Grohl has since the group broke up in 1994. Instead, Novoselic chose to take on a more low-key, subdued life of music, performing in smaller independent bands, and even dabbling in politics for a period of time.

While Krist Novoselic has made appearances at previous reunion performances, such as the Hurricane Sandy benefit gig in 2012 and the band’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, last night’s performance marks the first time in years that he has appeared onstage with Dave Grohl, and Pat Smear, who was a guitarist in Nirvana and followed Grohl over to the Foo Fighters.

With the Foo Fighters set to make their way over to Australia in just a month’s time, we can only wonder what sort of tricks the band might have up their sleeves. Considering Krist Novoselic once said a Nirvana reunion “has to happen” in Australia, maybe now’s the time to get really excited for the band’s upcoming shows? Or maybe now’s the time to raise our hopes eagerly, only for them to be dashed valiantly next month. Only time will tell.

Check out the mini Nirvana reunion that went down last night: