Slapheaded electro/dance behemoth Moby was literally cut down to size when he was electrocuted in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, during the week. Writing on his website, Moby confirms that he took his passion for high voltage rock and roll just a little bit too far, when an apparent problem with the venue’s website saw the resident AC/DC outlet give him a serve.

He says “Yes, I was mildly electrocuted during an acoustic show at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam. But I’m feeling a-ok now. Maybe I even had some accidental electro shock therapy. Thanks for your concern.” Footage of the incident shows Moby on top of a speaker cabinet with a female vocalist before he begins rubbing his neck and then jumps off the stack.

He then hands an assistant his acoustic guitar before he collapses to the ground motionless. “This isn’t a joke by the way,” the assistant can be heard shouting as he lies there motionless, before coming to and being helped away.

In a series of tweets in the days following the show he said “Damn. Being electrocuted in the neck kind of hurts,” before going on to say “Ah well, feeling much better. Glad it wasn’t worse. God bless tesla.” Moby is currently on tour in Europe but wasn’t forced to cancel any shows. Check out footage of the incident here