Iconic music journalist and television personality Molly Meldrum has been taken off the critical list at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne after his condition improved last night. He remains in a serious but stable condition and is still using a ventilator to assist in his breathing.

Yesterday Meldrum opened his eyes for the first time since his accident over the weekend that saw him fall over 3 metres at his home in Richmond, Melbourne. During the fall he suffered a fractured skull, head injuries, shoulder blade injuries and also broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Swelling in his brain was causing quite a bit of concern for his doctors but Meldrum’s manager Mark Klemens believes that some of the swelling has started to subside. “Early this morning he did open and close his eyes several times, but nothing more than that. It was brief and just a small step,” Mr Klemens said. “It’s terrific. It’s a great step forward, but it’s baby steps.”

Klemens also said that Meldrum’s family, and in particular his brother are relieved at Meldrum’s progess. “Obviously he was just delighted to hear that and he is cautiously optimistic, as we all are,” he said. “That’s the only way we can be.”

Literally thousands of people have flocked to news websites, Facebook, and Twitter to wish Meldrum well, including a number of high profile celebrities whose careers Molly has helped at some point.

Joining the literally thousands of well-wishers we thought we’d celebrate his achievements so far and hope for many more in the future by taking a look back at some of the iconic, classic, and happier moments in Molly Meldrum’s career. We trust you will join us in wishing Molly a speedy recovery.