Last week many fans were left disappointed when American indie rock band Low announced they were cancelling their Australian tour and pulling off the Golden Plains lineup in 2012. A statement from Aunty Meredith at the time read:

Due to a previously unconfirmed overseas commitment, Low have unfortunately had to cancel their Australian tour scheduled for March 2012. This means that they will not be performing at Golden Plains Sixxx as originally planned.

At the time Aunty Meredith promised to replace Low and barely a fortnight later they’ve come up with New Jersey band Real Estate, and Melbourne ‘supergroup’ Total Control.

Real Estate play a dreamy, catchy, breezy brand of guitar pop. Latest album Days has rave reviews all over the place. This will be their first trip to Australia and their hammock-rock-pop will be ideally suited to a lazy autumn afternoon in The ‘Sup. You don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow.

Local act Total Control are from Melbourne. Members of UV Race, ECSR, and Straitjacket Nation come together to make a proper band out of people from other bands. Bleak ballady electro; predicting the future from the past to pick the musical frontier that appeals to them the most. At the time.

Tixxx to Sixxx are now 95% sold out, with the last lot available only from