Production on the sixth season of “must-watch” American TV show Dexter is set to begin in June, and hip hop superstar Mos Def is set to join the cast for a number of the season’s 12 episodes. Mos Def, who has also racked up a number of acting credits to his CV is set to play a will play a hardened crim who has been released from jail, who also reckons he has found religion.

However, he also seems to find himself mixed up with the wrong crowd in the ghetto and naturally, Michael C. Hall’s Dexter will pull off the mask to show just who he really is. Def is set to be joined by heartthrob actor Colin Hanks, who will play Travis, Dexter’s arch nemesis and a super smart ancient artefacts expert who has been fingered for s series of shocking murders in Miami.

At the moment it’s currently uncertain as to how many episodes of Dexter Mos Def will appear in, but he’s certain to already have paid up his Actor’s Equity union fees, having already appeared in shows such as House, The Boondocks and the ultimate acid trip kids show Yo Gabba Gabba! Aussie fans, however, will be wondering how he’s going to make his 6am set calls when filming starts, because Mos Def has a bad rap sheet for turning up to gigs in the US, the UK and particularly Australia, where he blew out a heap of dates on his January tour offering all kinds of bullshit excuses for not turning up to gigs.

He might have got away with them on a hip hop tour of Australia, but let’s see how those fly with a hard arse Hollywood TV Director and Producer buddy!