Muse are set to head in to the studio next month to begin work on the follow up to their 2009 smash hit The Resistance. After headlining the Reading and Leeds mega festivals at the end of this month, bassist Chris Wolstenholme has told BBC Radio in the UK that they’d be heading straight in to the studio to begin banging out the follow up.

He said “September and October, that’s when we’re going to get into the studio to start writing the new album.” Even through the band have had a pretty low key year after strutting around stadiums across the globe the previous year, he said that they won’t be slowing down with the touring; despite having wives and kids and all the sort of responsibilities that slow bands down. He said We’re always going to be the kind of band that want to get out and play live. As the years go on there’s that temptation to cut the touring down less and less but we still love playing live. I can’t ever imagine we’ll be the kind of band that cut the touring down significantly.”

Unfortunately for fans, however, the band won’t debut any new material at their Reading and Leeds Festivals gigs – so don’t go hunting through Youtube in the following days in the hope of finding some footage. Wolstenholme has revealed “It’s difficult to bring new songs into the live set before you record them with the internet and dodgy recordings of live songs getting out there before they’ve been released on an album. People tend not to play new songs live any more. That’s why we want to get into the studio, make another album and then tour it.”