Featuring one of those spiral patterns on the CD that makes your eyes go crazy after a while and a picture of someone (probably a band member) doing a burnout in a Monaro on the front cover, Melbourne band Destroy She Said’s Music For Muscle Cars does exactly what it says on the cover. Like the insane Japanes horror film Tokyo Gore Police from a few years ago, there is definitely no false advertising here.

Kicking off proceedeings with “Driving Machine”, this is a four track EP that begs to be chucked on in the car and for speed limits to become ‘interpretive’ for the driver listening. This is straight ahead rock in the early, Bon Scott period, AC/DC mode. The lyrics also feature what would barely qualify as single entendres, let alone double ones. The results definitely don’t take themselves at all seriously. The band’s love of all things 1970s rock is clearly on display and played with a great sense of affection and warmth.

Sometimes, the AC/DC influences are a little bit too obvious, such as he almost “Hell’s Bells” opening riff on “Squirter”. However, the band play with so much cheek and sense of joy that it is easily forgiven.

This is a great listen from a band that have made a formidable local name for themselves, playing sold out shows at Cherry Bar and supporting the likes of Electric Mary. This second EP release from the band sees them furthur getting their sound down and is a solid step towards the future.

– Neil Evans