If you’ve got any plans over the Easter weekend, now’s the time to cancel them and spend your hard-earned cash on the inaugural Good Saturday Festival that is taking place in Sydney next month.

Yes, things are about to get a bit rowdy in Marrickville on March 31st when the Good Saturday Festival comes to town. Taking place across an all-ages day session and an 18+ evening session, this new fest is set to deliver some huge names performing some amazing hits.

The all-ages day session is set to feature the Andy Golledge Band, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, the brilliant All Our Exes Live In Texas, and Jack White’s new bestie, C.W. Stoneking, performing throughout the day.

Then, as the sun goes down and the kids head off to bed, Jen Cloher, Augie March, Something For Kate, and You Am I are all slated to deliver a slew of hits, both new and old.

While this new fest happens to slot directly into You Am I’s upcoming Spinal Tap covers tour, it seems as though this appearance will just see the band delivering their good ol’ fashioned, no-frills approach to rock and roll that we’ve come to know and love.

It’s all set to kick off on Easter Saturday (March 31st) at Railway Parade, Marrickville. Tickets are on sale now, so be sure to secure yours now and get set for a whole day of great Aussie music.

Check out You Am I’s classic ‘Cathy’s Clown’:

Good Saturday Festival 2018

18+ Evening Session

You Am I
Something For Kate
Augie March
Jen Cloher

All-Ages Day Session

C.W. Stoneking
All Our Exes Live In Texas
Cash Savage & The Last Drinks
Andy Golledge Band

Saturday, March 31st
Railway Parade, Marrickville, NSW
Tickets on sale now from Oztix