Drugs are bad for you kids. Want proof? Have a read of this story to come out of California, USA, where the guitarist and frontman for doom metal band The Abominable Iron Sloth called the cops on himself saying he was the “Angel Of Death”, had an assault weapon, and had been eating mushrooms all day.

According to the Chico Enterprise Record, 28-year old Justin Godfrey went on a trip of a lifetime after that faithful 911 call to the Oroville Police Department at about 7:30 a.m. Sheriff’s Sgt. Steve Collins said that Godfrey called himself the Angel of Death and asked for a ride to a lot of places.

“Our concern was if there was a weapon and we were talking to someone calling himself the Angel of Death, we were going to be cautious,” Sgt. Collins said. “”His conversations with us centered on the end of the world and what things are going to transpire.”

Worried neighbours also called the police after witnessing the guitarist sit on his porch and eat mushrooms all day. Officers quickly responded after they learnt of the weapon and found Godfrey sitting on his porch with an assault weapon in his hands.

Officers carefully approached and asked Godfrey to put down his weapon which he complied with. He was quickly arrested and hauled off to jail to be charged. A search of his home uncovered a second weapon which had been modified, an offence in California.

Godfrey was charged with two felonies, manufacture of an assault weapon and possession of an assault weapon, and his bail was set at $30,000. “We always hope for a peaceful resolution,” Sgt. Collins said. “And because he was cooperative and compliant, this did end that way.”

It is believed that Godfrey remains in custody, and although officers say he was ‘coherent’ through out the episode there was no word or further information regarding the mushrooms he claimed to have eaten.

So let this be a lesson. If you’re going to eat magic mushrooms, don’t carry around a gun. And whatever you do don’t call the cops asking for a lift to Armageddon. Check out our guide to why drugs are bad for you featuring some of your favourite musicians.