We’ve unlocked the super secret musician x-files & the world of rock star UFO encounters, alien abductions, unexplained happenings, phenomena, and bizarre ‘sightings’. Sure, some musicians have been known to take copious amounts of drugs, but let’s not let that get in the way of a few good stories. So proceed if you dare. This message will self-destruct.

We've unlocked the super secret musician x-files & the world of rock star UFO encounters, alien abductions, unexplained happenings, phenomena, and bizarre 'sightings'. Sure, some musicians have been known to take copious amounts of drugs, but let's not let that get in the way of a few good stories. So proceed if you dare. This message will self-destruct.
Sammy Hagar
The former front man of Van Halen – claims to have been abducted by aliens. “It was a download situation. This was long before computers or any kind of wireless. There weren’t even wireless telephones. Looking back now, it was like, ‘F**k, they downloaded something into me!”
The Dandy Warhols
The Dandy Warhols had a ghostly experience while recording Welcome To The Monkey House. The group even went as far as to name their spectral visitor, dubbing him ‘Bill Dinsmore’ after they found an award certificate at the studio stating ‘Master Multi-Tasker Award, given to Bill Dinsmore’.

The weirdness began after they put the award up in the control room, when they started to have all kinds of computer and electrical problems an each band member began to feel like someone was lurking around. They later packed up to move to a new studio, when frontman Courtney left instructions not to bring the award certificate, hoping to ghost would not follow.

Unbeknownst however to Courtney, the rest of the band packed up the award and it is sitting in storage somewhere in their Odditorium studio waiting to be discovered again.
Dave Grohl
Foo Fighters is a term for UFOs seen by fighter pilots in WW2, and lead singer and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, is said to be an adamant believer in them saying “I believe that there’s something else out there that we don’t know about or that someone doesn’t want us to know about.” Grohl also believed his former house was haunted by the ghost of a Native American woman.
David Bowie
The alien looking rock star is said to have always been a big believer in all things extra terrestrial. He claims to have seen many UFOs and once said "they came over so regularly we could time them. Sometimes they stood still, other times they moved so fast it was hard to keep a steady eye on them."
Steve Kilbey (The Church)
The frontman for iconic Australian group The Church has admitted having a close encounter with a member of the spirit world when on tour staying in a creepy motel in a country town here in Australia. Apparently the group’s drummer was so freaked out he had to sleep at the foot of Kilbey’s bed.

The next morning when the band checked out of the hotel they told the manager about the weird happenings the night before who replied “Oh you noticed, the previous owner killed his wife and kids in there.”
Jimi Hendrix
When ‘Third Stone From The Sun’ a trippy single from ‘Are You Experienced?’ is sped up to 45rpm, aliens can be heard talking via radio as they approach earth.
Elvis Presley
The singer and his family were great believers in UFOs and extra terrestrials. Presley claimed to have been visited by aliens when he was 8 years old. The aliens allegedly gave Presley a look at his famous future.
William Shatner
The former Captain Kirk and spoken-word singer is very vocal about his belief in aliens. Shatner once said that "there is no doubt that there is life out there; the mathematics of it lead you to that absolute conclusion. In my mind, there is no doubt that the universe teems - teems! - with life in all its forms. But why they would come visit here and not let themselves be known to everybody is beyond my sense of logic."
Mick Jagger
The Rolling Stones' front-man reportedly claimed that he saw a UFO sometime in 1968. The incident led Jagger to develop a life-long passion for UFOs.
Luke Boerdam of Violent Soho
Another local encounter with the other side, Luke Boerdam of Brisbane band Violent Soho, swears he had a rather frightening experience at a rehearsal studio the band used at the back of an old Church.

One night he had to drive back there alone to retrieve his wallet thathe had left their earlier. When he was walking back to his car he could hear footsteps behind him but couldn’t see anyone following.

Spooked, Boerdam eventually ran back to his vehicle as the footsteps gained on him. When he started the car up and turned on the headlights he could see a figure standing in the window staring at him. The experience freaked him out so much it took him a couple of weeks to get over it.
Robbie Williams
Williams obsession with all things extraterrestrial got him dumped by his former girlfriend. Williams spends much of his free time researching ghosts and aliens.
Katie Price and Peter André
Both adamant believers in all things weird, the former couple took a trip to a top secret US military base to watch for alien visitors. “ What we saw was freaky, whether you believe us or not. It was the most eerie thing ever.”
John Lennon
The famous songwriter and member of The Beatles is said to have seen a flying saucer at close range with then-girlfriend May Pang in 1974. A close friend of Lennons also claims that Lennon was visited by Aliens “with big bug eyes” at his home one year before his death. The aliens gave him an “egg-shaped object.” Eggman, indeed.
Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine is said to have seen ghosts at the Jackson’s family estate in Encino, California. The house was built on a Native American burial ground and it is said the ghosts of those buried have haunted the family. The family refers to the ghosts as ‘demons’.
Loretta Lynn
Country music idol Loretta Lynn not only believes in ghosts but also claims she has psychic powers. Lynn claims to have predicted her father’s death. Lynn also claims her Nashville home is haunted by ghosts and famously invited cameras into her home to prove it.
A non-believer until he and his wife Trudie were confronted by ghosts in their bedroom. “I would never have said I believe in ghosts, until I saw one – and I’ve seen a ghost with my own eyes.”
Lady Gaga
The kooky singer dropped $50,000 for a ghost-busting machine to do a “spirit-seeking sweep” of one of the London venues on her Monster Ball tour. Since then she carried around the Electro Magnetic Field Reader wherever she goes.
Tim Finn (Crowded House and Split Enz)
Tim Finn once had a spooky encounter when staying at a friends house in countryside England. Finn swears he heard feet dragging and pacing across the floor of the attic above his bed.

The sounds kept the Crowded House frontman up all night and he was unable to sleep again until the sun came up. Although he would later recount that his friend had been a serial prankster in the past, Finn apparently prefers the idea that he in fact had heard a ghost.