Ah, it wouldn’t be a festival without the traveling media circus would it? Big Day Out has officially kicked off in Australia at the Gold Coast on Sunday. The event went relatively smoothly except for Kanye West’s set, but a number of the acts have traded insults with each other in the media already.

Of course one of the Gallagher brothers is involved. We’re actually a little surprised it took this long before Noel said something inflammatory. Speaking to The Doctor on triple j during the event, Gallagher asked the radio personality “What’s this?”

The doctor replied “The Amity Affliction: a little bit of melody, little bit of screaming and some triggered kick drums”. The Australian hardcore band were playing in the background just finishing their song ‘Anchors’.

“It sounds like a dead turd,” Gallagher continued. Hearing the interview sometime later the band saw the humour in the British rock icon’s remarks posting on their Facebook wall “Noel Gallagher hates our band. Mum, we made it!!!”

But Gallagher wan’t the only rockstar throwing a few choice words around at the Gold Coast event. Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell also took a swipe at Kanye West who’s set delay due to technical difficulties meant the soundcheck for his set occurred at the same time the grunge icons were playing.

According to News Limited the frontman got annoyed when the sound bled onto their stage in between songs remarking to the crowd “Sounds like there’s children playing music there, retarded children, retarded as in held back. There’s no other word for it.”

The Big Day Out have blamed the heavy rain on the technical difficulties that delayed Kanye West who eventually played a full 90 minutes. Promoter Ken West issued a statement about the delay this afternoon saying “Stop picking on Kanye the technical problems that delayed his start time by 45 minutes were from rain damaging our equipment.”

“The fact that he had the biggest crowd of the day and delivered an incredible performance with the huge crowd staying to the end of set even though it was 45 minutes later than scheduled is a testament to what a great artist he is. The next shows will be amazing. Miss them at your peril.”

The Big Day Out continues around the country in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. You can listen to Noel Gallagher’s comments on triple j below.