The much anticipated new Bon Iver track ‘Calgary’ is available for streaming online and download as fans wait in anticipation of his new eponymously titled second album, Bon Iver. Fresh from hanging out with his new mate Kanye West, Bon Iver AKA Justin Vernon is set to release his new long player next month, and has offered  fans an exciting glimpse of his new long player.

The song sees the artist moving away from the bare bones guitar and vocals of his backwoods debut For Emma, Forever Ago, and embracing the judicious use of keyboards and heavier production (although you can’t get much more bare bones than the production on his debut). The song doesn’t have the immediate sound of a hit written all over it like some of his past releases, but the fragile voice hasn’t changed and the signs remain auspicious for an arse kicking sequel.

Check out the new single here: