Chino Moreno, front man for metal titans Deftones, has revealed a new side project with the slightly whacky name of †††. (Yes we had to have a bit of a hunt around the symbol box in MS Word to find the appropriate characters too – looks like you can get bored as a muso when you have plenty of downtime). The 5 track EP features that goddamn symbol seven times in its track listing as well, ensuring that fans will have plenty of time to also discover the deepest recesses of the symbol function.

The EP is far more atmospheric that Deftones fans have come to expect of the band although Moreno’s hard rock style guttural drawl is unmistakeable. What’s more fans can obtain it as a free download – you can help yourself to it here:

The †††:  Track listing runs

01 †his Is A †rick
02 Op†ion
03 Bermuda Locke†
04 †hholyghs†
05 †