Word is out on Eagles of Death Metal front man Jesse Hughes’ new solo project, Boots Electric. The wild man of rock n’ roll is set to release a 12” single later this year entitled ‘Raped By Miracles’. Although no release date has yet been set, Tone Deaf got an exclusive insight in to the project from Hughes himself last week as we interviewed him from Los Angeles.

Hughes told us “This record is going to change history because what I did was I took the five greatest rock albums ever made and ripped off the best parts. So, I have actually created THE best album ever written. What I did was I took George Clinton and Gary Numan and butt-fucked them then came out with the most bizarre electro sound, then I wrote a love letter to every woman in the world telling them how much I appreciate them. That’s what this album is about.”

Hughes will be taking to the stage at CherryRock011 next Sunday 1st May. Check out Jesse and his girlfriend, porn star Tuesday Cross, as they provide an introduction to the Coachella Festival in their California desert ‘hood last weekend.