Yesterday marked the 31st anniversary of Joy Division front man Ian Curtis’ suicide, which Rhino Records have used, somewhat less than tactfully, to announce that they found some more life in the flogged horse that is the iconic band, and will be releasing yet another Joy Division/New Order compilation. Entitled Total: From Joy Division to New Order the record is set for release on June 6. Why should fans rush out and buy this release? Well, sneakily, they have included an unreleased New Order song on it, entitled ‘Hellbent’.

You can listen to the track here:

The track listing runs:

01 Joy Division: “Transmission”
02 Joy Division: “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
03 Joy Division: “Isolation”
04 Joy Division: “She’s Lost Control”
05 Joy Division: “Atmosphere”
06 New Order: “Ceremony”
07 New Order: “Temptation”
08 New Order: “Blue Monday”
09 New Order: “Thieves Like Us”
10 New Order: “The Perfect Kiss”
11 New Order: “Bizarre Love Triangle”
12 New Order: “True Faith”
13 New Order: “Fine Time”
14 New Order: “World in Motion”
15 New Order: “Regret”
16 New Order: “Crystal”
17 New Order: “Krafty”
18 New Order: “Hellbent”