The Living End have announced a new album entitled The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating, which is set for release on the 22nd July. A new single of the same name as the album hit radios last Friday and immediately went to rotation. The band’s presser says that the band’s sixth album “if we put it under the microscope, is the album that hunts down the truth, asks the big questions and demands answers.”

The band began work on the album after the lengthy tour that followed 2008’s White Noise. Front man Chris Cheney went to New York to write, before the band regrouped to jam out the songs in a South Melbourne rehearsal room. Taking the demos to 301 Studios in Byron Bay and Cheney’s own Red Door Sounds Studio in Collingwood they were reworked under the watchful eye of producer Nick DiDia — who has previously worked with such luminaries as Bruce Springsteen and Rage Against the Machine — who came out from Atlanta for the task. Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Powderfinger, AC/DC) oversaw mixing and other associated knob twiddling duties.

You can head over to the band’s website to stream the single in full, while in the meantime you can check out the album teaser the band have posted on Youtube below.