The God of Fuck is back! Marilyn Manson is preparing to release his eighth studio album and has released a short film directed by Transformers star Shia LaBeouf as a teaser. The track, entitled ‘Born Villain’, is the first taste of the follow-up to The High End Of Low.

Heavy on swampy synth, it recalls the type of music Manson was producing during his Holy Wood album period, and like a lot of his work is very much style over substance.

Transformers star LaBeouf’s short film, which is completely Not Safe For Work, sees a rather chubby looking Manson quoting passages from Shakespeare’s Macbeth along with scenes that you’d expect from the travelling freak show that is a Manson video.

Naked women, flesh wounds, prosthetic limbs, human flesh suspended on hooks and S&M imagery abound in the video, which at over six minutes is unlikely to get any mainstream airtime.

The track is set to appear on the singer’s as-yet-untitled new album, which will be the Mechanical Animal’s first for 15 years that won’t feature drummer Ginger Fish, who quit the band back in February to join Rob Zombie’s backing band.

Manson hasn’t ventured far out of his genre to find a replacement, however – the replacement is former Nine Inch Nails tub thumper Chris Vrenna.