It’s anything but a blue monday as the sideshow you’ve all been waiting for since British legends New Order were announced as headliners for this year’s Future Music Festival is announced. The group will be playing only two shows, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, so we’re sure there are more than a few tears to be had this morning around the rest of the country.

The iconic group have only just recently started touring again, although they’ve left bass player Peter Hook out of the reformation.  When told of the snub Hook went on an expletive filled tirade against his former bandmates saying “It’s the same thing with New Order deciding to tour without me — [it] makes me all the more determined to f— New Order over in any possible way I can.”

“If they think I’m just going to scuttle off to a cabin in the woods, they’ve got another thing coming. They’re dickheads. People go and hide, but I don’t. I’m a fighter. I’m going to come out fighting.”

Australian fans are in for a real treat however as around the same time New Order will be here for Future Music, Peter Hook himself and his new band The Light will also be touring Australia playing songs from New Order’s spiritual predecesor Joy Division. This could get very interesting.

Festival director Brett Robinson spoke about booking New Order at the time of the festival announcement saying “When Ed Chemical and his manager Alex went to Paris to see New Order’s first show back from their hiatus they called me the instant they left the show to say ‘if you know what’s good for you, book them straight away, the show was every bit as good as it ever has been’. Next day we went and did just that!”

Tickets are $85 + BF & Credit Card charges and go on sale Monday 23rd January from 9am.

New Order Future Music Festival sideshows:
Thursday 1st March – Festival Hall, Melbourne
Wednesday 7th March – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney