Remember when you heard that New Order had reformed for a string of dates? Remember how jealous you were of audiences in the Northern Hemisphere who also seem to get all the luck? Well, in a huge coup for the promoters of dance event Future Music Festival, it appears that they have secured the iconic British band as the headline for next years event.

The band just recently announced they were to start touring again, albiet without bass player Peter Hook who when told of the snub went on an expletive filled tirade against his former bandmates saying “It’s the same thing with New Order deciding to tour without me — [it] makes me all the more determined to f— New Order over in any possible way I can.

“If they think I’m just going to scuttle off to a cabin in the woods, they’ve got another thing coming. They’re dickheads. People go and hide, but I don’t. I’m a fighter. I’m going to come out fighting.”

To make matters even more interesting around the same time as New Order will be here for Future Music, Peter Hook himself and his new band The Light will also be touring Australia playing songs from New Order’s spiritual predecesor Joy Division. This could get very interesting.

The blatant cash grab by Hook in fact is why he wasn’t invited to rejoin the band. In an interview with Tone Deaf earlier this year frontman Bernard Sumner said the “flogging of Unknown Pleasures is probably at a point of no return“, an ominous foretelling of where we are now.

In an interview with Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Future director Jason Ayoubi said of the booking “They have been disbanded and off the tour circuit for a while. So when they decided to do a few shows recently, we looked on with interest. We explained the relevance of New Order to our event, and how the Future Music Festival is based in electronic roots. They liked what we said and accepted our offer.”

An official announcement is expected sometime within the next week.