For those of you who have sinned all this year during Tone Deaf’s Deaf Sessions at Cherry Bar this year, we’re offering your soul some sweet redemption this Friday 26th November as we pack in a sweet soul revue with the stonking rocking soul vide of Newbirds launching their debut EP. Channelling a direct line from The Rolling Stones at their whiskey soaked soul and gospel best through to the harmony laden tunes of Little Red, these boys make an incredible sound for a primal three piece. Joined by the rising stars of The Hello Morning and the sweet psychedelic pop of Gostelradio, this is going to be a night offering all you boozehounds and trashbags a night of redemption through the power of rock n’ roll. With the headline band on stage at 11pm sharp, make sure you get down to AC/DC Lane early to ensure you get in.