Well this is a bit cute, as two of rock’s biggest legends have joined forces for a new video all about protecting the animals who need it most.

The video, which features a cartoon version of Iggy Pop (wearing scarcely more than the animals, of course), is set to Nick Cave’s ‘Breathless’, its lyrics more than appropriate for the topic.

“The rabbit hides beneath the ground / For he is defenseless without you,” Cave sings. “The sky of daytime dies away / And all the earthly things they stop to play / For we are all breathless without you.”

Ending on a sweet image of Iggy patting his own pup on the forehead, the clip was made as part of a PETA campaign, with the duo the latest in a long line of musicians and celebrities to work with the animal welfare organisation.

“If everyone acted like the people our dogs think we are and depend on us to be,” says PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk of the new clip, “the world would be a far kinder place.”