It could be their music. It could be the messed up things they do. It could be the messed up things the say. Hell, it could even just be their face; these are the artists that get under your skin for for one reason or another. So loathsome that their very being brings people together. Please try not to punch your screen.

It could be their music. It could be the messed up things they do. It could be the messed up things the say. Hell, it could even just be their face; these are the artists that get under your skin for for one reason or another. So loathsome that their very being brings people together. Please try not to punch your screen.
Probably the biggest rock band on the planet, but it’s a very fine line with U2, you either love them or hate them, and most of the time the hate isn’t even music related. Front man Bono strives to make the world a better place, which for one reason or another, seems to rub many up wrong way. I’ll feed the starvin’ children when I’m good and ready, Bono!
In a similar story to U2, Oasis were one of the biggest bands of their time, with undeniable talent, but the fame got to them. Their ego’s were, and still remain immense, and eventually were too big for one band as a meltdown in 2009 finally saw the Gallagher siblings split for good. We’d be here forever if we listed everything they’d done, but being banned from several airways, picking fights with every band in their way, and taking up every second page in NME despite not being relevant since the mid-00’s (at a push), really paints the picture as to why there is a pulsing hate for the Manchester natives.
Simple Plan
Pushing depressed emo teenagers to the edge since 1999. If you like feeling good about yourself, and keeping your wrists in tact, then you most likely hate Simple Plan.
Good Charlotte
Posing at its finest really. They’re about as punk as Milli Vanilli were original. Backwards hats, a trillion tattoos (neck tattoos I might add), and dating every women that’s holding back our species from Paris Hilton, to Sophie Monk, to Nicole Richie, are just some (just some!) of the reasons this band have as many enemies as they do fans.
People loved/liked Wolfmother when they first arrived on the Australian music scene, they had some damn catchy tunes that had an international appeal to them. However, frontman Andrew Stockdale, was found to be a massive douche, with his original members leaving him due to ‘irreconcilable differences’. But it wasn’t so much the split, but the reformation of the band that confirmed the audacity of Stockdale, as it consisted of himself and an entirely new band, still under the name of Wolfmother. Upon the bands first appearances it became very clear that Stockdale had merely collected a bunch of rent-a-musicians that bear resemblance to himself and employed them as a backing band to his ego.
James Blunt
Often referred to as James C@#t, for many a reason. Firstly, his music is rubbish, I mean there’s no denying it. Secondly, his singing voice sounds like one of those bike horns, but his spoken voice is very posh and oh so annoying. Lastly, for a guy who writes such docile music he’s a hardcore raver who lives in Ibiza. He is so famously hated that his former neighbour, Noel Gallagher, sold his house in Ibiza because ‘he couldn’t stand the thought of him writing crap tunes up the road’.
Kudos to them, they take it in their stride, but Nickelback are commonly refered to as the most hated band on the planet. They seem like nice enough guys, but the music. Oh god the music. People have created apps (Nickelblock) that prevents you from seeing anything Nickelback related on the net ever again. Some have referred to it as ‘the single most important technological advancement of our time’. Overall the hate may stems from the bands image of looking like hard rockers, when in fact they play nothing but corporate pop, using the same chords, and his voice becomes unbearable after about 5 seconds in any one of their songs.
Guns N' Roses
Lets make this clear, not ‘Appetite for Destruction’ Guns N' Roses, we’re talking ‘Chinese Democracy’ Guns N' Roses, the one that consists of only Axl Rose, and takes so long to make an album that is so disappointing, that it’s title has now become a term for such an occurrence.
Kanye West
Even on this Big Day Out tour he’s been slandered by Chris Cornell and Kasabian, and it hasn’t even finished yet. Hate just seems to gravitate to Yeezy. Famous controversies of his include: saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ on live television, storming out of the 2004 AMA’s for not winning an award, and then bitching about it. The tipping point for most people was probably the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, where during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, he ran up on stage, stole the mic from her, and saying the award should of went to Beyonce. What. A. Knob.
Linkin Park
I guess they were kind of cool in 2000? While they’ve never exactly done anything as controversial as the other inclusions, their music hasn’t been relevant since 2003, and still, and still! They persist with this hardcore rap-rock crap for the jaded teen. Yeesh.
You know what, some of their tunes are okay, but lead singer Johnny Borrell carries such a chip on shoulder that it’s hard to look past it. Involved in the early formation of The Libertines, but was booted out, possibly for being a twat, I don’t know, Borrell went on to form his own band in Razorlight. The band enjoyed initial success, which all went directly to his head, and he suddenly forgot he was fronting a band of moderate success, to thinking he was in the biggest band on the planet. Insulting other musicians became his signature, particularly The Kooks, whom he openly criticized for appealing to mainstream radio. Other members grew weary of the lead singers antics, and have since left. What’s left of the band haven’t released an album since 2008, and it doesn’t look like one is coming anytime soon. Thank god.
The band tried to force their way onto the Big Day Out tour, lead singer Ryan Key asked fans to “flood the official Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages with your requests to have Yellowcard play” and suggested that punters should “Go overboard. Send them 100 messages a day if you can. I know you can get it done!” We understand that the quality of Big Day Out has dropped in recent years, but things aren’t that bad.
It’s preachy and his voice is annoying. They sound like a religious Nickelback. Enough said.
Smashing Pumpkins
Billy Corgan: single handedly destroying the Smashing Pumpkins legacy since the noughties. Another frontman carrying on, despite all the founding members up and leaving him. On his last tour here, the band were berated for their performances, as well as their new material, which in turn caused Corgan to get very snarky with his fans. Oh and he’s dating one of The Veronicas too. Loathsome.
Pete Doherty
Apparently the soul of a poet, with the body and mind of a smackhead. This lucky bastard got to date Kate Moss, despite looking like he spends his waking hours injecting himself and picking at his skin. Robbed his band mate’s house. Had a packet of heroin fall out of his pocket WHILE HE WAS IN COURT. Forced his cat to smoke a crack pipe. Ladies and gentlemen Pete Doherty: oxygen thief.
Insane Clown Posse
Their lyrics attempt to shock, like their appearance, but no one who matters has given a shit since… ever?