Just in case packages filled with mysterious powder, and an appearance on a cult television show’s revival haven’t given you the Nine Inch Nails fix that you’ve sorely needed this year, a Tweet from Trent Reznor might just indicate your year is about to get a lot better, with something coming “next week”.

Back in December, Nine Inch Nails released their Not The Actual Events EP, their first release since 2013’s Hesitation Marks. In June of this year, Trent Reznor clarified that the EP was the first in a trilogy of sorts, and that the second instalment was due to be released before they play FYF Fest in L.A. on July 23.

Now, Trent Reznor has taken to Twitter, and in his fashionably terse style, has shared a message that simply reads “NEXT WEEK”.

Of course, Reznor is yet to explain what he’s referring to, but if you look at the facts above, it seems pretty clear that we’re set to receive a new Nine Inch Nails EP next week. So if you’re all keen to start throwing whatever money you have at Trent Reznor for more of his music, you might want to start loosening those purse strings now.

Check out ‘The’ Nine Inch Nails’ recent performance of ‘She’s Gone Away’ on Twin Peaks below.