A steady stream of celebrities have taking to bashing the rather unpopular choice of President America managed to elect last year, and laying into Donald Trump’s latest antic at every turn has become the go-to for plenty of celebs looking for a quick attention-grab.

The most obvious example of this was comedian Kathy Griffin, whose stunt of appearing in a photo shoot holding the bloody severed head of her elected Chief of State gained her the ire of many, on both sides of the political fence.

The picture has even gained Kathy the attention of a rock legend in former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who has taken the opportunity to not only slam Griffin for her misstep, but also the many “crybabies” he observes in the media who, in his eyes, are engaging in the political system in the most shallow, self-indulgent manner imaginable, rather than putting their voices and efforts towards meaningful action.

Bringing about real change, he argues, takes more time than a quick photo shoot, and isn’t as immediately gratifying. Novoselic urges people to look deeper than their new leader when discussing politics, and points to congress, state government and local government as areas that are most often avoided by media “obsessives” who, through their “self-indulgence” and shallow attacks on Trump, are only serving to drown out the rest of the conversation.

Novoselic’s full statement is below and, when it comes to useless contributions like Griffin’s, he may just have a very good point.

Cathy Griffin’s image of holding President’s bloodied severed head is truly iconic,” he writes on Facebook. “It is a symbol of all the people whose hate for Trump has become an obsession that seems to know no bounds.

“The election was last November and people are still freakin’ out! But dwelling on Donald Trump is not political activity. Rather, it is self indulgence. Political activity is being aware of not only the president and congress—it’s about what is going in your state legislature and local government / community. There is a lot of action in this scope of politics, however, it can be slow and hard work; certainly less gratifying than the rush of persistent media that bolsters one’s own confirmation bias.

“Indeed, there are very valid criticisms of Trump, the GOP and even Democrats. Again, an image of Trump’s severed head is sheer self indulgence.

“My advice to the crybabies out there is to stop with the obsessing. Trump won the election within the rules of the system. Get over it. When will the whining cease?

“Also, Kathy Griffin apologized and seems to truly regret what she did. Just like the gross prop, she should now let any obsession with Trump go. Griffin can still ad a voice to our politics. I hope she does so in an informed way that adds to our discourse.

“I hope other obsessives do too.”