For many, the creative, big-budget ads aired during the NFL’s biggest game of the year are the only reason they watch. Companies seek out the most renowned ad firms and invest millions into creating memorable advertisements that will be seen by millions around the world.

Since the only thing anyone was talking about following this year’s Super Bowl was Katy Perry’s halftime performance, which was either a star-studded, Technicolor spectacle or batshit insane, depending on who you ask, many missed a serious blunder at the hands of car manufacturer Nissan.

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Their ad, which readers can check out below, depicted an LMP driver’s relationship with his son through the years as he suffers wins, losses, and a terrifying crash on the track, all set to the touching sounds of singer-songwriter Harry Chapin’s 1973 folk rock classic ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’.

Very heartwarming, indeed. Except, not only is Chapin’s song about a neglectful father (not a devoted dad like the one depicted in the ad is supposed to be), but as many pointed out on social media, Chapin was tragically killed in a car accident in 1981. We guess Nissan’s ad agency didn’t get the memo before they played their ad to 114.5 million people.