The general chaos and drama that surrounds massively hyped hip hop collective Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All didn’t let up as the crew prepared to play their sold out Australian tour later this week. The group arrived at Los Angeles Airport to fly to Australia, only for co-front man Hodgy Beats appearing to have a delay on his Australian visa. In a series of amusing tweets,!/KILLHodgy, he started off saying “headed to Australia whores!” Then things went a bit pear shaped, with Hodgy announcing “They don’t like me. This can end up very…very bad.” At this point his co-conspirator Tyler, The Creator, tweeted “Fuck. OF First Time In Australia And Fucking G Might Not Come”. This was followed 40 minuts later by “Damn, Hodgy Might Not Be With The Gang”.

It appeared that Hodgy was going to be left behind, with him tweeting “The gang leaves me behind in the US. FUCK!!!“ before it looks like he was granted a last minute reprieve, telling Twitter followers “Racing to the airport! They cleared me! BOW!” followed by “Gotta get on this fucking plane!” However, it seems that the reprieve wasn’t granted in time, as he missed his plane, saying “Ill be missing the first show due to the embassy. I missed the last flight. Gah! Well good thing there’s a tomorrow to look forward to. WOLF GANG!” OFWKTA’s Australian tour kicks off in Sydney tonight – 31st of May. Good luck if you don’t have a ticket – all dates are sold out!

Tuesday 31st May – Studio, Sydney Opera House Sold out
Wednesday 1st June – Studio, Sydney Opera House Sold out
Thursday 2nd June – Studio, Sydney Opera House Sold out
Friday 3rd June – Prince of Wales, Melbourne Sold Out
Sunday 5th June – The Zoo, Brisbane Sold Out