Tyler, The Creator, front man for hotter than hot hip hop collective Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All, as been in Australia for the last week playing a string of sold out shows, and while he generally appears to have had a good time, he’s lost his voice and he has decided that Aussies are racist. Adding to his constant stream of rants on Twitter, the potty mouthed rapper has declared that Aussies are racist. Writing on his Twitter page, he says ‘I’m in Brisbane Right Now….They hate Niggas Out Here….MLBRN Was Cool Tho.”

This follows on from a previous posting in which he says that although he dug the vibe in Melbourne and Sydney, he reckons that Brisvegas is a redneck wonderland. He says “Out Here In Brisbane, Australia. People Out Here Are Racist As Fuck. I’m Uncomfortable And Want To Go Home. I Get THis Weird Vibe.” He later updates us, clarifying his comments by saying “I Love Australia Tho Sydney And Melbourne Was Sick, But For Some Reason The Couple People I’ve Come In Contact With In Brisbane Are Dicks.”

He then went back to his usual toilet humour by informing followers “I Think They have Ostriches and Koalas Out Here Tho, I Wanna See A Ostrich Fuck A Koala Bear.”