Wherever controversial LA rap outfit Odd Future go they seem to cause quite the stir. Just a few days ago they were accused of slapping a female photographer at a gig in New Orleans, and today Tegan & Sara spoke further about their ongoing feud with the group that they describe as ‘repulsive and irresponsible’.

The problem stems from what an increasingly large group of people see as lyrics that promote homophobia and violent acts against women including rape. Due to perform at next years Big Day Out across Australia and New Zealand, the presence of Odd Future on the bill irked gay Wellington man Calum Bennachie who wrote to the organisers expressing his concerns.

In his email Bennachie wrote that “lyrics such as those played by Odd Future increase the societal discourse against lgbt people, a discourse that encourages bullying and violenceā€.” Cleverly he cc’ed in a number of people, including the Chair of Auckland Council’s Parks and Heritage Forum Sandra Coney.

Coney agreed with Bennachie that the groups message was inappropriate and she got in contact with the CEO of Regional Facilities Auckland who manage Mt Smart Stadium where the Big Day Out is held. “I approached the CEO of Regional Facilities Auckland John Brockies with Calum’s concerns and my own having watched Youtube,” said Coney to GayNZ. “After a discussion with BDO organisers this group will no longer be appearing in BDO in NZ.”

John Brockies also confirmed the act had been canned saying to GayNZ, “We passed on some concerns that had been expressed locally back to the Australian owners of Big Day Out and the outcome of the joint consideration of that was a change in line up for the event. We want all New Zealanders to have a fantastic time at Big Day Out.”

There has been no official word from Big Day Out as of yet.