Hip hop collective OFWGKTA (Odd Future) are back in the headlines again after an incident at a concert for the group in Hollywood saw he being accused of trashing the famous Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard, leading to his arrest.

The incident caps off an interesting year for the group who have been the target of women and gay rights groups who accuse the group of having homophobic and misogynistic lyrics that promote violence and rape. A campaign in New Zealand against the group by a gay rights activist saw them removed from the Big Day Out lineup in Auckland next year.

They’ve also faced criticism from within the music industry, including their long running feud with gay sister act Tegan & Sara who’ve called the group “repulsive and irresponsible”, and are currently facing assault charges brought by a female photographer they attacked at one of their shows.

The most recent incident occured at a Christmas show for the group on Thursday night, when leader Tyler, The Creator lashed out at the sound guy and destroyed the venues sound equipment. The venue was furious with the frontman and promptly called the cops who arrived to handcuff and haul him away to jail. He is facing charges of vandalism and has been subsequently released on bail.

He has now opened up about the sequence of events which led up to his arrest in a post on his blog. Tyler’s version paints him as a hero just trying to save a couple of girls who were having a rough time in the moshpit. Whether you believe him is up to you, but have a read at what he wrote below.

“I was on the piano playing the breakdown, only to notice that the music and sound was low, lights went off and that s— wasnt (sic) right, i get up, look, and notice that it was two girls hurt from the mosh pits behind them. i grab my mic to tell the crowd to come calm down and inform security because it was none (sic) around in the front, but i then find out the sound dude turned everything off.”

“So im (sic) on stage while its (sic) mosh pits and chaos on stage… pointing at my mic (to) tell sound dude to turn it up turn it up, hes (sic) shaking his head no. i keep doing this for at least 70 seconds until i get fed up and run over to him threw (through) the crowd. i jump on his sound board and say ‘n—- turn my f—— mic up (these) b—–s (are) hurt, let me tell the crowd to calm down, they listen to me’ this n—- goes on saying he doesnt (sic) have control his manager said this and that.

“I keep asking, we go back and forth. i kick the plexi glass and stomp on the cheap a– soundboard, then throw my mike on the floor… i walk outside to like 20 cops, helicopters, shotguns and some other s—.”

“Jail is really cold dude, i had no socks on. im (sic) fine tho (though), bail was alot (sic) even tho i didnt (sic) hurt anyone, i damaged some s—. and idk (I don’t know) why rappers talk about jail like its cool, omg (oh my God) i would go crazy…”

You can watch footage of the incident below