A planned protest at Chicago’s Pitchfork Festival over the weekend by anti-domestic violence and rape groups over the planned performance by Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All fizzled as both groups seemed to find some common ground and organisers invited the protestors in to have their say. The protestors were allowed space to run a booth and solicit petition signatures, while even front man for OFWKTA Tyler, The Creator seemed quite ticked by the thought of having protestors there, declaring it would be ‘sick’.

As Odd Future completed their set with the number ‘Radicals’ Tyler declared “I dedicate this beautiful song to every person who don’t like me. To every protester supposedly here, to every organization, every faggot-ass who’s writing a review, I want you to suck my dick. To everyone else, you should go fuckin’ crazy!” Predictably the largely white, well educated middle class crowd roared at this statement, chanting, “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school!”

A spokesperson for Between Friends, an advocacy organisation, said “We’re not really interested in Odd Future.We’re not saying they shouldn’t play. If we didn’t have violence in our culture and it wasn’t normal in our society then we wouldn’t have music with violent lyrics. We’re interested in being able to raise the issue of violence against women and LGBT people.”

Meanwhile infamous booker Tom Windish, head of the Windish Agency, was put on the spot by a journalist and shifted uncomfortably by saying of the group’s booking  “I give the agents that work here free reign to pick up whatever they want,” he said. “If the agents have a good feeling, then they’re welcome to go for it.” Perhps showing that it was a bit of a storm in a teacup and that OFWKTA are starting to realise that their vile lyrics are getting to look pretty sad already, the band were spotted during the day delivering cup cakes to the protestors booth and having a friendly chat.