A new rock n’ roll photography exhibition, entitled Our Stories, is set to open in Melbourne this Wednesday evening 20th July and will run through until Monday 25th July.  The exhibition will feature work from internationally renowned photographers Kane Hibberd (Aus), Adam Elmakias (USA) and Jon Weiner (USA).

The works cover artists from a variety of genres, many of whom Macbeth have worked with on one form or another over the past 9 years, including artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, Rancid, The Bronx, Steve Aoki, AFI, Magic Dirt, and DJ Tiesto. This is the very first exhibition of Adam Elmakias’ work anywhere in the world, and  Adam will be making the trip all the way here to attend.

1000 Pound Bend 361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne Wed 20th July – Monday 25th July.