We’ve spoken at great length in the past about some of the intriguing, and sometimes kooky, pieces of musical history that have been going up for auction lately. Now a brand new auction, which includes items such as Kurt Cobain’s Blockbuster Video card, is about to get underway.

Previously, we’ve spoken about how some auction houses have given folks the chance to purchase intriguing items such as Tupac’s breakup letter to pop superstar Madonna, an unreleased Michael Jackson album, and handwritten lyrics to an unreleased Prince song. Now, this new auction contains plenty of pieces of memorabilia for the die-hard Nirvana fan.

The latest auction from Julien’s Live contains an array of nifty pieces of Nirvana history, including some letters from Kurt Cobain, receipts for studio time, and various tour ephemera. Other items of note include early press releases, notes about the artistic direction for their albums and videos, and numerous drawings by Kurt Cobain himself.

Many of these items are listed as having been sourced from a family member of Kurt Cobain, however their specific identity and reason for selling these items have not been made clear.

There are also a few odd items up for grabs as well, including Kurt Cobain’s personal Blockbuster Video membership card. Sadly, the card doesn’t come with a list of Kurt Cobain’s video rental history, but we’d be pretty keen to scope out what sort of cinema the grunge legend was into if that one ever came up for auction.

On the more morbid side of things, you can also get your hands on an concert ticket for a gig in Ireland on April 8th, 1994, which went unused due to the discovery of Kurt Cobain’s body earlier that day.

However, if you’re in the mood for something a bit more expensive, set your sights towards Cobain’s MTV Video Music Award Moonman statue, which was presented for the Best New Artist in a Video of 1992 award for the song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. As the item listing notes, “Cobain reportedly used his Moonman award as a doorstop in the downstairs bathroom of his Seattle home.”

Check out the full list of items up for auction here, and be sure to dig deep in order to secure yourself some unique pieces of rock and roll history.

Watch Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’: