Despite you possibly thinking that he may have deserved it if you’re not a fan of the incredibly divisive band, there’s no doubt that Panic! At The Disco front man Brandon Urie is in quite a bit of pain after breaking his ankle during a gig in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend.

The front man had leapt off stage in to the crowd during the band’s rendition of ‘Alright’ before he hobbled back on stage to take his boot off, to reveal an ankle with a lump the size of a tennis ball on it. Urie braved through the remainder of the performance much to the delight of the thcweaming crowd of teenage girls, but after the gig was rushed to hospital where he tweeted pictures of his heavily bandaged leg propped up on a next to a set of crutches.

The band are yet to announce whether they will be cancelling performances in light of the injury, with a lengthy tour of the States taking place over the Northern Hemsphere summer before they head down under to play the Soundwave Revolution gigs in Australia in September. You can check out pictures of the injury here!/brendonuriesays, while if you’ve got the stomach for it, you can check out fan footage of the moment just after he injures himself on Youtube here.