Herald Sun music scribe Nui Te Koha has been doing the rounds of promoters and shaking them down for info on this summer’s big tours and he reckons that former Beatle Paul McCartney is a good chance. Apparently promoters have been in talks with his people and they’re just trying to get dates that suit all parties. In the meantime, Te Koha has also revealed that according to his sources we can expect a slew of tours through the second half of this year.

He says that we can expect a tour from Foo Fighters in November, while the most debauched band in the world, Motley Crue, will be touring in September with Poison front man Bret Michaels as special guest. We can expect a tour from poodle haired British hard rock legends Def Leppard in October, who will be on a double headed bill with American rockers Heart, while Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks will tour in November with The Eurythmics Dave Stewart.

Pink Floyd’s former bassist Roger Waters will bring his mega selling tour of The Wall to Australian shores in December, while Janet Jackson will also tour before the year is out. Discussions have been held with Eminem, but the fee he’s asking is the sticking point with promoters, with rumours flying that he wants $1.5 million per gig. While all this news is great for music fans, it’s not going to come cheap and some of these tours will stiff with so many tours making demands of fans’ wallets.