It’s live, it’s local, and it’s coming out of your radio! PBS’ Drive Live is taking over the airwaves for a full week from Monday February 6th to Friday the 10th during drivetime.

Here’s the deal… three acts, three studios in one Drive Time show, for a full week! PBS members have the exclusive opportunity to come down to PBS and witness the mayhem, in person and uncut. There’s some Coopers freebies to sink, and a fair whack of radio to watch. You can RSVP from Jan 30 so keep an eye on to get your name on the door, or join the convo on #drivelive.

For the full PBS Drive Live program, go to

Full program:

Monday 6th February
Graveyard Train 6:05pm – 6:45pm
Ben Salter 5:45pm – 6:00pm
Howl At Moon 5:10pm – 5:40pm

Tuesday 7th February
Lost Animal 6:05pm – 6:45pm
Extreme Wheeze 5:45pm – 6:00pm
Pop Singles 5:10pm – 5:40pm

Wednesday 8th February
New War 6:05pm – 6:45pm
Spencer P Jones – 5:45pm – 6:00pm
Fabulous Diamonds 5:10pm – 5:40pm

Thursday 9th February
Bob Log III 6:20pm – 6:50pm
The Murlocs 5:35pm – 6:05pm
Brat Farrar 5:00pm – 5:20pm

Friday 10th February
The Twerps 6:05pm – 6:45pm
BJ Morriszonkle 5:45pm – 6:00pm
Stella Angelico 5:10pm – 5:40pm