After scouring through over 1,000 music applications for the 2012 Festival, Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival have just announce a final 78 acts – rounding off their music line-up, with a phenomenally massive 140 total acts set to rock the Glenworth Valley over the 3 day festival.

Festival Director, Matt Grant says there are a handful of great acts for patrons to keep a watchful eye on. “Gemma Ray is great new talent all the way from the UK and is supporting Grinderman in Perth on their upcoming Australian tour. Also Fantine, a Sydney based singer who has been going from strength to strength over the past 12 months and has been chosen to be one of Dave Stewarts backing singers on his upcoming tour.’

“We’ve also added Youri Blow, an amazing French singer and guitarist. He’s going to perform his most recent album release ‘The Corridor’. It’s this beautiful dark and ethereal sound, quite different from anything I’ve heard.” Says Grant.

Now in its eighth year representing the best and brightest of Australian and international music acts, Peats Ridge offers a festival experience like no other. Staged at Glenworth Valley along rolling green riverbanks, the Festival is just an hour’s drive from Sydney, Peats Ridge is one of the most eclectic music festivals in Australia. See below for the full additions to the lineup.

Youri Blow (France)
Elizabeth Rose (Aus)
Gemma Ray (UK)
The Paper Kites (Aus)
Fantine (Aus)
Israel Cannan (Aus/UK)
Ben & Beth (Aus)
Lion And The Lotus (Aus)
Toucan (Aus)
Rainbow Chan (Aus)
Anima (Aus)
Audego (Aus)
The Townhouses (Aus)
Loopsnake (Aus)
Foreigndub (Aus)
Bouddibass (Aus)
Electonic (Aus)
Msg (Aus)
Weblet (Aus)
Roleo (Aus)
Genius (Aus)
Gelido (Aus)
Misha (Aus)
Oddsox (Aus)
Poseidon (Aus)
Ahavamour (Aus)
Duplex (Aus)
Bumble (Aus)
Monk Fly (Aus)
Chappirate (Aus)
Juju (Aus)
Finish Born Sinigrin (Aus)
Da Heebie Jeebies (Aus)
Drachemann (Aus)
Cherie Kotek (Aus)
Jozz Scott (Aus)
Superbeast Vs Leeroy (Aus)
Mr Bill Live (Aus)
Rumplestompskin Live (Aus)
Ryanosaurous Live (Aus)
Wahoo (Aus)
Ilse J (NL)
Elliot (Aus)
Suburban Dark (Aus)
Elecrocado Live (Aus)
Nezbit (Aus)
Phsiris Live (Aus)
Configsys Live (Aus)
DJ Vagas (Aus)
DJ Phil Toke (Aus)
Soul Of Sydney (Aus)
DJ Nick La Rosa (Aus)
Drae Leighton (Aus)
Brynstar (Aus)
The Sunset Kids (Aus)
Bruno Dante (Aus)
Dale Stephen (Aus)
Eli Wolfe (Aus)
Crescent Collective (Aus)
Dave Sattout (Aus)
Todd Sibbin And The Opposite Ends (Aus)
Minnie Marks (Aus)
The Hazelman Brothers (Aus)
Matthew Koutnik (Aus) Lily So (Aus)
Fanny Lumsden (Aus)
Benjamin James Eastwood (Aus)
Prem (Aus)
Chilli Didge (Aus)
Veil (Aus)
Leigh Wood (Aus)
Isoma (Aus)
Stuart Ridley-Emagica (Aus)
Deseven (Aus)
The Atlas Room (Aus)
T n A (Aus) Oblongmonster (Aus)

For the full lineup of all 140 acts go to