The initial news for recalcitrant junkie, thief and occasional rock star Pete Doherty is rather good. He’s been let out of the clink early where he was doing porridge for cocaine possession. He’d been sentenced to six months in the clink on 20th May, but internet message boards lit u with the news that the 32 year old had walked free of the prison gates.

According to an internet post by his manager Adrian Hunter “Peter has been released as was reported there hours ago. Long day folks but a happy one. Many good things done … All’s good and peace and quiet shall now ensue. A bit of ‘bedding in’ and reflection is on the cards and so much the better.”

While the news is good for Doherty in the short term, he’d better be brushing up on his German vocabulary and the terms for ‘I don’t want to pick up the soap’ if he’s not careful. He’s currently facing a five year jail sentence for allegedly breaking in to a music store while shitfaced in the German town of Regensberg and stealing a bunch of gear. He’d been there earlier this year shooting a film.

The local Polizei are urging the judge to throw him in the clink for it, where up to a five year sentence awaits him. However, due to the fact that he was so shitfaced at the time, prosecutors are unsure if they can get him on the burglary charges, and are rather thinking of slapping him with a public intoxication charge.  It’s kinda like doing Al Capone on tax evasion charges.