Phoenix front man Thomas Mars has married his long term girlfriend, film director Sofia Coppola, over the weekend in a ceremony in Bernalda, a remote city in Southern Italy near the Gulf of Taranto in Italy’s Basilicata region, where Coppola’s great grandfather was born. Forty year old Coppola, who has two children with Mars, is of course the daughter of legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola, and no slouch when it comes to making films herself, having directed The Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation.

According to talkative mayor Leonardo Chiruzzi, who officiated at the ceremony. “Everything went well,” he told reporters afterwards. “It was simple, calm, in the garden.” The simple ceremony was Coppola’s second time down the aisle – she was previously married to fellow film maker Spike Jonze who she said ‘I Do’ to in 2003.

According to Chiruzzi, “If they wanted to do a Hollywood wedding, they wouldn’t have done it here,” he told AAP in advance of the ceremony. “(They) chose to do it here because it’s here – it’s here that is beautiful.” Celebrity guest at the wedding included her film director father escorting her down the aisle and giving her hand to Mars who was dressed in a low key grey suit, while serial celebrity guest Johnny Depp was also in attendance.