They’ve just released their debut EP Parallels but that’s not all that’s been happening for Pigeon this year. Sets at Splendour In The Grass, Parklife, Fat As Butter and Shine On festivals as well as upcoming appearances at Peats Ridge and Festival Of The Sun mean they are truly putting themselves on the electronic music map: Parallels debuted at #6 on the Australian iTunes Electronic Album charts.

What was the first festival you ever went to?

I think the first festival I ever went to was either Big Day Out or Woodford Folk Festival. Either way, it was years ago and it was awesome. Woodford is especially great for stumbling across new great artists which I think is the best quality of a festival.

Share with us your most memorable non-musical festival moment – either as a performer or a punter.

That would probably be meeting new people. Lame answer I know, but you can always find the coolest people camping right next to you and you find yourself in the oddest situations all thanks to the festival vibe and general festival morale. Also, jousting using ‘wizard sticks’ made of beer cans. That’s fun too.

Now give us the best ever musical moment!

Gotye and Kimbra at Splendour was pretty special. So were Dillinger Escape Plan at Soundwave. The best ‘moment’ however, would have to be seeing Fat Freddy’s Drop. Those guys know what’s going on. Seriously.

If you could curate your own festival who would you book to play?

Wow. My band wouldn’t agree with me but my lineup would be something like: Fever Ray, The Knife, Fleet Foxes, Noisia, Sigur Ros, Modeselektor, The National, Aphex Twin, SBTRKT, Boards of Canada, Seeed, Trentemoller etc. etc. I could go on forever.

Location is everything when it comes to staging an incredible festival event. If anything was possible, and no damage lasting, where would you stage your dream festival?

In a science centre with an anti-gravity machine. Or Uluru. Or the middle of the ocean on a giant ship. So many possibilities. The most realistic would be on the beach with the stage in the shallow ocean and the punters in the shallow water. A few risk factors may nip that one in the bud however.

Festival Of The Sun has an amazing lineup this year – who are you looking forward to seeing yourself? Are there any of the artists that you’ve performed with before (and can you tell us a sneaky secret about their backstage antics??)

I haven’t yet seen Art v.s Science or Ladyhawke as of yet so that’ll be great. I also really like The Medics. We’re about to play a show in Brisbane with them and I’m pretty excited for that.

When you’re Rolling Stones Big, what are you going to request on your rider: don’t be shy. We want specifics!

All band members in mind, our rider would probably look like this:
5 Cartons of Asahi, Little Creatures Pale Ale, or Becks
2 Bottles of Wirra Wirra red wine
1 Bottle Tequila
1 Bottle Gentleman Jack
1 Bottle Jager
But in saying that, if some goon arrived it wouldn’t be there in the morning. We’re really not that fussy.

Do you camp or flee when playing a festival? What are you festival must-haves if you’re staying the weekend?

Always try and stay. I love festivals and unless there is a reason that I absolutely have to go I will do everything in my power to stay. My must haves are wine, any food will do (we all know how invaluable Mi Goreng can be), fruit, sunglasses, the often overlooked torch, good company and instruments (last year I brought an accordion and a gypsy guitar – long live camp site music).

Catch Pigeon at Festival Of The Sun in Port Macquarie on December 9 – 10. They’ll be performing alongside loads of other awesome acts including Art VS Science, Ladyhawke, Hungry Kids Of Hungary, FLOATING ME, Brothers Grim and Guineafowl. For more info get along to the FOTSUN website!