Looking for some Pink Floyd memorabilia to dot around your home, but don’t quite have the space for a giant inflatable pig? Well, how about some iconic artwork instead?

If you’re in the market for some new paintings, you’re in luck, as a collection of the legendary album’s distinctive art is about to be exhibited in San Francisco’s Art Exchange Gallery, all to be sold off to the highest bidder. The works are all painted by artist Gerard Scarfe, who has also worked as a political cartoonist, and even had a hand in Disney’s Hercules.

It’s not the only Pink Floyd-related music history that’s on the market at the moment, with the mixing desk used to record Dark Side Of The Moon also up for sale elsewhere. Seems like the ideal time for a rich Floyd fanatic to sweep the lot.

The exhibition includes the 10 paintings below, as well as a storyboard for The Wall itself, and all could be yours for… well, we’re guessing for a ridiculous amount. But if you want a piece of Pink Floyd to throw above the mantlepiece, take your pick and inquire with the gallery here.