Playground Weekender have delayed the announcement of their lineup yet again, after being originally planned for 27th October, then pushed back to 4th November, then to today, and now finally delayed until tomorrow.

A post on the festival’s official Facebook page broke the sad news with a large number of expectant fans no doubt disappointed.

“Very frustratingly we have line up ready here to deliver but due to a very minor hitch we’ve been held up all day” said the post. “It;s been as frustrating for us as it has been for you guys as we believe your going to love what we’ve got for PGW2012 – but due to the delay we’re going to have to push it back to tomorrow but I can guarantee it will happen then so tune in and get ready to be excited!! Hope you still love us xx.”

The move comes after the festival announced to fans in August that they would be moving from mid-February to early March to help combat the extreme heat experienced by patrons in earlier years. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the lineup announcement.

UPDATE: The lineup has been leaked. Check it out here!