If you’re a fan of fuzzy Aussie punk rock, then there’s a pretty strong chance you’ve already discovered The Beverly Chills, one of the craziest bands to come out of Melbourne in a long time. Now, the rockin’ duo have returned with an absolutely wild film clip for their recent single ‘Loner’.

Having been around for a couple of years now, Melbourne’s The Beverly Chills have had a ripper time recently. Releasing their self-titled debut album back in 2015, the group released a brand new follow-up EP back in June. Now, they’ve released the video for the record’s lead single, ‘Loner’, and it truly has to be seen to be believed.

Recorded with Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia across Adelaide, Melbourne, and Los Angeles, the group’s Leave Me Hanging EP shows The Beverly Chills at their punked-up best, with ‘Loner’ serving as a rather perfect representation of their sound.

The newly-released clip for ‘Loner’ gives viewers a chance to see the band’s well-known kooky side, as they take rather intriguing journey by way of joining a cult, with the duo slowly becoming members amongst a group of other like minded folks.

Giving rather poignant meaning to the lyric “I have friends in all the wrong places,” the clip serves as a modern day parody of the Heaven’s Gate cult from the ’90s. Featuring real archival tape of Heaven’s Gate founder “Do” (AKA Marshall Applewhite), and featuring the duo seeing a similar ending to the real-life cult, the clip somehow manages to get even crazier in a manner that is to be expected from the band by now.

The Beverly Chills are currently in the middle of a tour in support of their new EP. Having toured alongside the likes of Dune Rats, Northest Party House, and The Gooch Palms, the band are heading around to Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney to deliver their unique style of music to their fans around the country.

With most of the shows on the tour being free (or so cheap that they’re basically free), there’s no excuse not to go out and make The Beverly Chills your new favourite band.

Check out The Beverly Chills’ ‘Loner’:

The Beverly Chills ‘Leave Me Hanging’ Tour

Friday, November 3rd
Cherry Bar, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets: Eventbrite

Saturday, November 4th 
The Exeter, Adelaide, SA
(Free Entry)

Sunday, November 5th
Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney, NSW
(Free Entry)