Bred in the UK, but based in Berlin, talented singer and songwriter Gemma Ray’s moody new video for ‘We Do War’ encapsulates the brooding atmosphere of classic Berlin, the Berlin of Bowie, Iggy, and Lou.

Ray herself follows in similar footsteps to the aforementioned, with a laconic, confessional take on lyrics that remind you more of the literature of Henry Miller and Hubert Selby Jr than any contemporary songwriter.

But Ray’s songwriting is also tremendous in its scope. The Exodus Suite, her latest album, draws inspiration from world events like the Syrian refugee crisis and themes of exile, life, and relocation.

In particular, The Exodus Suite was inspired by the presence of 8,000 Syrian refugees housed in the hangar beneath the studio during the recording, encapsulating the way Ray, like all great artists, draws links between the personal and the universal.