Having been kicking around the music scene for a few years now, Melbourne’s favourite band of jazz-punks, Jazz Party, have been gearing up to release their debut record – a stunning collection of New Orleans-inspired tunes.

Led by Darcy McNulty, former saxophonist and songwriter of Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes, and Loretta Miller, a former Rackette herself, Jazz Party have spent the last few years perfecting their craft, playing countless live shows, and making a name for themselves as one of Australia’s must-see live bands.

“We make the music we want and people happen to really respond to it,” said Darcy McNulty. “It was the most fun I’ve had in a studio setting and we’re really proud of this as our debut.”

Now, ahead of the release of their debut album, Monday Night, Jazz Party’s Loretta Miller has given us an insight into each of the album’s tracks, running us through what went into the creation of the songs, and where the inspiration came from.

To help celebrate the release of their debut, the band is also set to perform launch shows in Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as appearing at the Mullum and Queenscliff Music festivals in New South Wales and Victoria, respectively.

Give Jazz Party’s Monday Night a spin below, ahead of its release on Friday, November 3rd.

‘I Want A Baby’

One of our older tunes that really made us want to get in the studio. It’s pure Jazz Party; New Orleans-style good fun – danceable and joyful. People weren’t aware that these were Darcy’s tunes, I wanted everyone to know.


Similar in vibe to ‘I Want A Baby,’ this was always a crowd favourite and obviously a cheeky song about spring flings and chasing babes in the winter time. Spring time in July, baby!

‘Jazz Dog’

A dark, grindy Melbourne anthem. Everyone knows how bleak Melbourne winter can get, and when you’re a jazz musician busking in the rain, living in a drafty old shit hole with no heating and gaps in the floor, it can be grim. This is a sister song to ‘Mountain Goat’ and one of my favourites on the record.

‘Out Of Sight Out Of Mind’

Everyone asks if this is an obscure cover, but it was one of the first tunes Darcy wrote specifically for me. When we met, we bonded musically over our love of Hank Williams and then obviously discovered we liked a lot of the same stuff. It has that great blend of New Orleans and country styles.

‘Talking In Your Sleep’ (End of Side One)

Love is a dream This song is a dream! Before we recorded there weren’t enough songs for me to sing. We had a week, and Darcy was writing like crazy; he gave me the option of three half formed songs. I knew straight away this was the one, and the chorus came to me out of nowhere a day or so later – it was meant to be. A soaring, classic ballad.

‘Magic Man’

This one is based on a conspiracy theory we heard about Suge Knight and Eazy-E. We’ll let you figure it out.

‘Mountain Goat’

This one was written three or four years ago, whilst Darcy was alone at our old share house, “The Pound”, in Melbourne in the winter. (Starting to see a theme?)

It was his current drink of choice and it got removed from stores due to it being limited and only available in the summer. It’s also a cheeky song about Melbourne hipsters, the music scene and the fact that you only get the same three (crap) beers on your rider and it gets really old.

We were not, and are not sponsored by any beer company and the song was not a commission. We chased MG after recording, with the thought that if we are literally singing their praises they could maybe give us some beer for our bigger shows like Golden plains etc. They gave us some beer. The end.

Side note, Darcy wrote ‘Love Letter’ which was featured in a Heineken commercial and was a big break for Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes. He is the magical beer boy.


Furious rhythm machine with gospel influences. It speaks of depression and desperation, and being on the edge of things. Losing the one you love and finding the place where you just have to say “everything’s fucked, let’s go out and dance”.

‘Rock n’ Roll Graveyard’

A dirty, sexy song, about the search for something beautiful in a world where art is continuously soullessly rehashed and auto tuned. It’s like going through your favourite old records and searching for what made them so great – looking for bones! And then being able to make something new whilst still respecting and honouring the roots. Although, Darcy says I’m wrong and it isn’t about that at all.


A true love song, beautiful. Makes me cry. Play it at your love festival.

The backing vocals by Lachlan Mitchell, Hue Blanes, and Harry Angus (that are all over this record) are phenomenal, and the guitar plucking at the end sounds like strings. Everyone brought their A game. It’s really a perfect closer to the record, I fought everyone to make sure it was.

‘Leave Some Beer For Old Hank’ (Bonus, non-vinyl track)

A live recording from one of our Monday night residencies at The Curtin in Melbourne. It’s a total banger and has a magical whistle solo from Harry Angus and Darcy’s amazing McNulty stylings. Very very fun -hope you enjoy!

The Jazz Party ‘Monday Night’ Album Launch Shows

Saturday, November 11th
The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne, VIC

Thursday, November 16th
The Flamin’ Galah, Brisbane, QLD

Also appearing at:

Mullum Music Festival
November 16th – 19th
Mullumbimby, NSW

Queenscliff Music Festival
November 24th – 26th
Queenscliff, VIC