It’s been a pretty big year for Tia Gostelow, but now the 18-year-old Queenslander has just added another chapter to her amazing story with the release of the video for her newest single, ‘Hunger’.

Having wowed audiences at BIGSOUND, won a number of Queensland Music Awards, and signing a recording deal with US label AntiFragile Music, you’d think Tia Gostelow would take the rest of the year off. Rather, the young muso has decided that rest is for the wicked, and has released the video for ‘Hunger’, her brilliant new single.

Recorded with Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents) at Airlock Studios Brisbane, and co-written with Little May’s Hannah Field and Liz Drummond, ‘Hunger’ sees Tia continuing that unique sound that has made critics the world over fall in love with her. However, as she explains, despite the song’s somewhat peppy exterior, it came from a rather serious place.

“I always felt a bit like I was an outsider, I wasn’t bullied or anything, I just always felt people didn’t understand what I was doing with music and how serious I was about it,” she explains. “In the last 2 years of high school though I felt it got a bit worse, I felt I couldn’t really talk about anything I was doing with music because I felt like those who were meant to be close friends didn’t seem to care or didn’t want to support it and for me, if one of my best friends was doing something super cool and doing well, I’d be all for it, I’d be in the front row watching them play every time they had a show.”

“I vividly remember the first time I was played on triple j,” Tia continues. “Dave Ruby-Howe introduced ‘State Of Art’ on the morning show with Matt and Alex in 2016 and came to school so so excited and none of my close friends said anything, which really sucked and I was pretty upset about it for a while, but it made me so much more aware of who I should surround myself with! The more attention my music got, the less interested my friends were with actually being friends with me.”

“I called the song ‘Hunger’ because I think that sometimes when you have good things happening some people around you can become hungry for what you have and what you’re doing and that hunger can unfortunately turn into bitterness or jealousy and it ruins relationships!”

Tia Gostelow is scheduled to perform at New South Wales’ Mountain Sounds Festival in February, where you’ll no doubt be able to hear ‘Hunger’ alongside a wide array of brilliant tunes from the young muso.

Check out Tia Gostelow’s ‘Hunger’: