Queens of The Stone Age Front Man Josh Homme has confirmed that the band will have completed their sixth studio album and that it’ll be released before the end of the year. Speaking to the BBC ahead of their intimate London shows playing their self titled debut in the British capital, Homme said that playing Glastonbury and a short US West Coast tour were the only things on the radar besides recording. He said “We’re going to take our one last break that we would get for a month, come back and do Glastonbury then immediately jump in the studio. Our record will be done by the end of the year. We have enough songs.” While no hints were dropped, it seems reasonable to expect that US fans at the forthcoming gigs may see new material being road tested live.

He wasn’t so forthcoming when asked about what direction the new material might be taking. He explained “We’re at a weird moment where we really don’t feel like we have anything to prove,” he said. “We just want to play to the people that are into us and we want to play right at them.” As for playing Queens of the Stone Age from start to finish, Homme conceded that he was over playing the set. “I’m not gonna lie: I’m sick of doing the first record,” he admitted. “We’ve never played the same setlist before. But then we’re playing really deep cuts [after the album performance] because it just it feels like a special night. We’re playing really small places.”