We know we’re probably only a week away from QOTSA releasing a new track, but that doesn’t mean we won’t spend plenty of time poring over their freshly-updated website for any hints we can find on the next record.

QOTSA changed their website around today, complete with an interactive TV set that lets you twiddle knobs around to your heart’s content, trying to find some relief from the constant blasts of static.

Some of the words scrawled across the box could hint at the album title and track titles, but either way they probably give a good idea of the album’s overall vibe, which looks to be perched somewhere between the colourful cartoon weirdness of Era Vulgaris and the creepier designs of …Like Clockwork and Lullabies To Paralyze.

“Mumbo jumbo”, “tutti frutti” and “1976 evil” are just some of the slogans plastered on the telly, and a quick flick through channels will reveal some warped greyscale images – not a huge amount to go on, but a fun tease for anyone hanging on that next track.

Previous leaks have hinted at a broader array of instruments than in the past, and we’re hoping to hear a fair chunk of the new record in action when QOTSA head to Australia for Splendour and a handful of sideshows next month – some tickets still remain for Darwin, if you’re game.