Europe is a lovely place to visit, no doubt about it, but as many of us who’ve travelled there will tell you, it’s also a prime location for having your possessions pinched – and massive bands like Radiohead aren’t immune.

As Stereogum reports, it’s exactly what happened to the band’s touring drummer as the band were chilling in Belgium ahead of the Rock Wercheter festival this weekend, with Clive Deamer finding that he’d had his wallet lifted while browsing a book store in Antwerp.

While some musos may have written it off as a loss and carried on, Deamer was having none of it, and has uploaded security footage of the culprit on social media in the hope that they’ll be brought to justice.

If anyone happens to frequent Belgian book stores and recognises the fiend in the red shirt, please do let poor Clive know – hopefully he’s still got his passport so they’ll let him in to play the festival tomorrow.