Radiohead made some pretty creepy music in their time (ahem), not to mention the horror movie premise for their recent clip ‘Burn The Witch’, so it’s about time frontman Thom Yorke just got down to it and made an entire soundtrack of scary cuts.

As Variety reports, he’ll be doing just that, laying down the atmosphere behind an upcoming remake of 1977 Italian horror classic Suspiria, regarded as not only one of the absolute high points of the genre, but also as featuring an amazing soundtrack.

The original music was composed by a band named, appropriately enough, Goblin, who kept audiences on edge with their distinct style of electro-tinged prog rock, influencing a generation of filmmakers in the process.

Now, with a remake greenlit and a cast of Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz locked in, Yorke has the challenge of living up to that legacy, and director Luca Guadagnino describes the chance to work with him as “a dream come true”.

“Our goal is to make a movie that will be a disturbing and transforming experience,” he added. “For this ambition, we could not find a better partner than Thom.”

Yep, when it comes to music that’s both disturbing and transformative, we reckon he picked the right bloke.