Following on from the huge Sidewave announcement for Hatebreed, Cro-Mag and Biohazard comes the addition of Raised Fist to the epic lineup. Swedish hardcore giants Raised Fist have been tearing at the ears of fans like a rapid pit-bull on steroids for over 15 years releasing a procession of classic albums.

So the battle cry goes up on Raised Fist’s brutal fifth full-length Veil Of Ignorance, which captures the band’s trademark chaotic and frenzied live shows with Metal Forge declaring Veil Of Ignorance “evokes the tension and intensity that leaves lesser bands cowering in their wake.”

Get all date and ticketing information for Hatebreed, Cro-Mag, Biohazard and Raised Fist’s show. If you haven’t yet bought a ticket for the Soundwave 2012 Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane you can still torture yourself with what you’re missing here. Or maybe, maybe, you might be lucky with the extra release tickets!